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Shoot For The Moon
Crown Publishers, Inc.

Book Description:

Gina Gari can rock the baby, split the atom, and shoot the teacher--but she never thought her yo-yo talent could take her 'round the world. So when she wins a ten-day trip to Italy in a yo-yo contest, she can't wait to hit the road. But travel turns out to mean more than a change of scene. Italy's perils and pleasures (from confusing currency to colossal cathedrals), some enlightening encounters with other travelers (especially a good-looking, deep-thinking young Dutchman named Stefan), and a mysterious mountaintop mission (her grouchy grandmother's last request) combine to show Gina more than sights. By the time her plane takes off for home, Gina's got a whole new outlook--and the confidence to master any trick she tries.

Excerpts from Reviews

Publishers Weekly - January 13, 1992
Readers will be well rewarded by this lively tale of Gina, a naive 16-year-old California girl who is refreshingly different from most YA heroines in that she is neither exceptionally bright, pretty nor ambitious. ...splendidly evoked locales, well-drawn characters and a subtle yet moving theme add up to a beguiling book.

Booklist - February 15, 1992
Sixteen-year-old Gina Gari is a self-centered smart aleck, bored with school and alienated from her family. When Gina wins a trip to Italy in a yo-yo contest, she quickly learns there's more to life than she thought. Gina's conversion from a "lazy brain" to a caring citizen of the world is accomplished in only 10 days, but Howe's whirlwind pacing and interesting characters make it seem almost possible.

School Library Journal - April, 1992
Howe writes skillfully, conveying teen humor, yet lacing it with poignancy. Zany and witty, with unique characterizations, Shoot for the Moon is indeed an appropriate metaphor for a novel about growing up.

Book Report - September/October, 1992
Teens will like this story with its romance, suspense, satisfying ending and, especially, its realistic and likeable main character. Recommended.