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Angel In Vegas book cover
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Norma Howe passed away on April 19, 2011. The family-written obituary is available here. The Sacramento Bee website has the editorial obituary written by Robert D. Dávila.

Hello, and welcome to my minimalist website. As you can see, it has just four links and no moving parts - something like a Denny's Grand Slam.

Writing is not a full-time career for me, and I rarely visit schools to enlighten students or push my books, and most certainly never for money. I've always believed that if my books can't speak for themselves, nothing else should -- least of all me, since I'm extremely opinionated, unbelievably sarcastic, and, worst of all, excruciatingly boring.

However, I do my best to make my books as entertaining as possible (always eschewing the supernatural in all its overworked forms) and I write only when I believe I have something to say. So far, that strategy has resulted in eight young adult novels and two short stories.

Norma Howe